#1 | 15 Jun 2020 21:21
Your Full Name: Valentin Lemoine
Your Age: 19 years old
Your First Language: French
Other Language(s) You Speak: English and Spanish
Your Urban Terror Name: ll0.yd
How Long Have You Been Playing Urban Terror?: Since 2011, but I stopped between like 2013 and 2015 and between 2017 and 2020
Your Average Score Ratio: 1.96 at the moment
Your Favourite Weapon: M4
Your Clan History?: ='FBI'= and hS` clan
How Long Have You Known About |DN|?: Since 2011, DN eagle was one of the first server which I played on (I played on a server named Assault as well, it was write on cyan)
How Long Do You Spend Per Week On The |DN| Server?: I would say between 3 and 10 hours, it can reach 15 hours I think
What Do You Think You Can Bring To The |DN| Clan?: I'm a very competitive player, and I am a very social person. I could bring a fresh new convivial ambiance on the server / in the clan
How Did You Hear About |DN|?: When I was like 10 years old, one of my friend told me about URT, and gave me the /connect of the server, so when I went back home, I started playing on it and discovered the clan
Are You Interested In Playing For |DN| in Scrims/Clan Wars?: Of course I am
Additional Comments: Have a nice day / night ! (special kiss for Airstrike and Shot ♥)
#2 | 24 Jun 2020 21:38
Hello ll0.yd,

This application hasn't picked up much traction, mostly because, I think, you just haven't been playing for very long on the server.
At present, you are actually one of the most active players, but you've been playing for less than a month, so no one has had the posibility of forming a strong enough opinion about you.
I will suspend this application and sugest that you keep playing and hanging out on discord, like you have been, so that you can keep up to date, know more about us, and also give us the opportunity of checking you out.
Then at a later date, you can re-apply, if that is your wish.

Take care, see you on Eagle.
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